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IELTS Speaking part 2

Talk about a place where people like to listen to music.

You should say:

  • where it’s located
  • how you heard about the place
  • what kind of music you can hear

and say what kind of people usually go there.

I would like to introduce you to the Los Angeles anime festival where numerous anime fans listen to anime music there. The festival is held in the Los Angeles convention center, located in the downtown. The traffic is pretty convenient but during the featival the freeways nearby can be terribly congested. The festival is well-known among anime fans since it’s the largest one in North America. Actually music is only part of the festival, but it’s an important part. The music played there is definitely pop music, but they are all related to anime.

When I was there three years ago, wow it was so crowded, the queue was insanely long, I literally waited for about three hours before being admitted in. Waiting in the queue for so long is definitely dreadful, but the atmosphere inside was awfully exciting, people were shouting and applauding for their idols. I was also super thrilled to meet with my favorite idols, a girls band of Japan. Overall it’s an extremely pleasurable experience for me to attend the festival.

本题的 bullet points 以客观事实为主,我们可以加入主观内容扩充篇幅。比如这里我讲了自己三年前的经历。同时注意本回答提及了两次负面情况,一次是交通拥堵,另一次是队伍长。提及负面情况有助于我们使用表示负面情况的词汇,如本回答的 terribly congested 和 dreadful。雅思口语问题大部分都是相对正面的,比如问你喜欢的食物,或者问一个人们经常去的地点,这就意味着正面词汇出镜频率比负面词汇高很多。我们可以使用一些技巧提及其负面情况,将我们可以使用的词汇量扩充一倍。

Describe your favorite TV drama or soap-opera series

You should say:

  • what type of show it is
  • who the main characters are
  • why you like it

and say if you would recommend it to your friends, and why / why not?

To be honest I really loathe traditional TV dramas since they are lengthy and boring. However, I am fond of anime TV series. My favorite ones is called “White Album 2”. The story happens in a high school and it’s about a boy and two girls. In Japan, quite a large number of animes are based on high schools because the nalstalgia for high school life is something deeply rooted in the Japanese culture.

I really adore this show because of the story telling. It tells a atory about the boy falls in love with one of the two girls but later realizes that the other one is his true love. The story is twisted and cuptivating, and the description of the boy’s struggle between the two girls is exceedingly heartbreaking. Another reason why I love this anime is the music, it’s really breathtaking and expresses the sorrowful atmosphere of the anime pretty well. I have recommended this anime to several friends and I received extremely positive feedbacks from them.

注意本回答将主观和客观情况结合的回答方法。同时注意本回答使用对比的方法,通过提及 I really loathe traditional TV dramas 来使用负面词汇 loathe。

Describe a plant which is important in your country

You should say:

  • where it grows
  • why it is important
  • if you like it or not

and explain how you learned about this particular plant.

I would like to introduce you to a kind of peppers called Szechuan pepper. They originate from Szechuan but nowadays they grow everywhere in China. Szechuan peppers play an important role in Chinese dishes, because in addition to being spicy, they produce a special flavor called numbness, which makes people’s tongue feel numb. When mixed with chili peppers, they create a fantastic flavor called numb-spiciness, or mala, which I really adore.

Some people loathe spicy food, but I have been a big fan of them for years. Such a strong flavor makes me feel excited and thrilled. Most spicy restaurants in the United States are just horrible to me, but some of them are really incredible. One of my favorite ones is a nearby Japanese noodle, or ramen, shop, they use Szechuan peppers to add numbness to their spicy noodles, making them so savory and enjoyable. I also recommend this restaurant to my friends, especially those from Szechuan, and I receive extremely positive feedbacks from them.

注意本回答先客观后主观的回答方法。同时注意本回答利用对比衬托,提及 some people loathe spicy food 和 most spicy restaurants in the United States are horrible to me 来使用负面词汇 loathe 和 horrible。

Describe an occasion when you arrived early for an event

You should say:

  • What the event was
  • Why you arrived early
  • What you did before the event began

and say if you normally arrive early for such events.

Some people really lothe arriving early, but I love arriving ten to fifteen minutes earlier to show my politeness. However, at one time I arrived an hour earlier. It was my registration for my exchange program at the Dartmouth collage. I was supposed to present myself at the registrar’s office at about nine a.m., however, I got the time wrong and I thought I should be there at eight a.m. Eventually I arrived there an hour earlier than required and their office had not been opened yet. I waited there for about half an hour, and I met with a lady who told me their office would be open at nine a.m. It was not until then that I realized I got the time wrong. I chose to visit the town to kill my time. The weather was so chilly so I visited the local starbucks and enjoyed a cup of warm expresso there, it was flavorful and delicious. I also visited a souvenir shop and bought a T-shirt with the letters “Dartmouth” on it. Overall although I arrived early the visit to the town was enjoyable and pleasant.

本题以自身经历为主,比较难扯到客观情况,但是本回答还是在一开始使用 Some people really lothe arriving early, but I love arriving ten to fifteen minutes earlier to show my politeness 来强行提及了一些客观情况,同时使用对比的方法提及负面词汇 loathe。

Talk about a business person you admire

You should say:

  • who he/she is
  • what their business is
  • how you learned about him/her

and explain why you admire him/her.

I really admire Bill Gates since he is extremely sussessful and he contributes a lot to the society. Bill Gates founded Microsoft, an incredibly successful software company. Their most popular software products include the Window operating system, the Office suite, and the Azure cloud computing platform. Bill Gates is also known for his support for charity. For example, he donated an enormous amount of money to the development of COVID vaccines, which save countless lives in the world. Some people really loathe him, possibly because of the unfounded conspiracy theory that he invented the COVID virus. Well it’s so ridiculous. Who is able to create such a sophisticated virus?

I would like to become someone like him, which means I start my own software business and make a fortune, and give the money back to the society. However, I need a large amount of money to fund my own startup, and I have been investing in bitcoin to accumulate my initial funding. However, my investment has always been losing money and I wish I could learn investing from Bill Gates.

注意本回答先客观后主观的回答方式。注意本回答没有提到 how you learned about him/her,并且没有按照三个 bullet points 的顺序。雅思口语允许跳过 bullet point,只要不偏离主题即可。本回答提及了自己的未来规划和投资经历作为主观内容,问题没问这些,但是提及这些在口语考试中是完全可行的。同时,本人并未投资过比特币,但是在雅思考试中,事实并不重要,表述才重要。最后注意本回答通过强行提及 Some people really loathe him, possibly because of the unfounded conspiracy theory that he invented the COVID virus 来使用负面词汇 loathe。

Talk about a well-paid job that you think you would be good at

You should say:

  • what the job is
  • the qualifications needed for the job?
  • why you would be good at it

and explain any other benefits the job offers?

Well I am a software engineer, but I have been thinking about becoming an immigration consultant in Canada in the future. Firstly, why Canada? Because in the United States, only attorneys are allowed to give immigration advices, but practicing law in the United States is terribly difficult. You need to get a doctor’s degree of law and pass the bar exam, which takes an enormous amount of time and money. In Canada, they have a special position called regulated immigration consultant, which is permitted to practice law in the immigration field only. Immigration consultants are extremely less regulated than lawyers. You only have to complete a graduate certificate in immigration law and pass a special exam.

I will be well qualified for this job. Firstly, I am good at memorizing things, and remembering every details of the immigration law is exceedingly important for immigration consultants. In addition, I view myself as a warm-hearted person, which means I always want to help people if it’s required. By working as an immigration consultant, I could help the Chinese people realize their dreams of immigrating to Canada and living a better life, which gives me a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.


Describe a beach where people go and spend their time.

You should say:

  • where it is
  • what’s special about it
  • what it’s like

and explain why people like to spend time there.

I would like to introduce you the Santa Monica beach, one of the most famous beaches in Los Angeles. It’s greatest advantage is that it’s close to the Santa Monica city, which means the trafic is more convenient. Instead of driving for hours, you can go there by public transport. There are also plenty of fantastic restaurants over there, and tourists really enjoy them.

However, for the beach itself, to be honest I really lothe it since I had a terrible experience over there when trying to find a restroom. The beach was so crowded that day and it took me almost half an hour to find a free one since all of them were occupied. In addition, the condition of the restroom was, dirty and disgusting. Despite the horrible experience with the beach, the restaurants nearby are really awesome. My favorite one is a restaurant that sells lobsters. Their lobsters are really savery and enjoyable. I recommend this restaurant to my friends and receive incredibly positive feedbacks from them.

本题主要问客观情况,但是本回答通过添加主观的个人经历来扩充内容。个人经历不一定要是真实的,比如本人根本没有在 Santa Monica 海滩找过卫生间,我连那里有没有公共卫生间都不清楚。

Describe an interesting advertisement you have seen recently.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • what product/service it was advertising
  • why it was interesting

and say if you would buy the product / use the service advertised.

Well to tell you the truth, I really hate advertisements. In my opinion, nothing is more dreadful than being distracted by a pop-up window when reading something interesting on the Internet. As a result, I take advantage of an ad-blocker to filtter out all the ads on web pages. Nevertheless, sometimes I have to read ads, especially when using mobile apps where ad blockers do not work. Last month, I encountered an advertisement about a recipe app. This ad looks interesting for me since takes a somewhat unique approach. Instead of bombasting how useful the app is, it shows a recipe from its recipe bank. In particular, it’s a short film showing someone making fried rice. Not only are the steps and ingredients presented vividly and clearly, but also it’s accompanied by a lively background music which makes me engaged. In addition, the finished fried rice looks so juicy and delicious.

Despite the high-quality advertisement, the app itself, I have to say, is terrible. Not only does the user interface hard to navigate, but also the search functionality is horrible, especially when I search using the Chinese language. In particular, it keeps returning irrelevant results like “fried noodles” when I search using “fried rice”. I wish the company could fire all of their software engineers and hire me instead since I will deliver a much better app for them.

Describe a time when you helped someone to do something

You should say:

  • what it was
  • how you helped him/her
  • why you decided to help

and explain how you felt after helping him/her.

I would like to share with you my experience helping my younger cousin deciding his major in college. Choosing a major is not only important but also difficult for Chinese students. The main reason is that not only does choosing a wrong major leads to a failed career, but also the students in China are so busy with their college entrence examinations that they don’t have the time to experience the society to decide what major should they choose. What’s worse, they need to determine their majors before applying to colleges, which means they only have a terribly short time to make the decision.

To help with my cousin, I took care of both his advantages and his interests carefully. On one hand, I examined his strengths and weaknesses to find potantially suitables majors. On the other hand, I read the employment reports from top universities to filter out the majors with low job prospects. Finally, he decided to major in Computer Science, the same as major as mine. He has been in college for a year and he has been doing well with his major.

Describe a couple who are happily married

You should say:

  • how long they have been married
  • if they are relatives
  • how well you know them

and explain what you think is special about their relationship.

I would like to introduce to you my father and mother. They met with each other in Shanghai, at that time my mother was working in a factory and my father was a teacher in a vocational school. However, after their marriage my mother gave up her job and my father became a civil engineer for a significantly higher salary. Although sometimes there are terrible arguments between them, overall their relationship is harmonious. Not only does my father usually accompany my mathor to watch a movie, but also he sometimes bring flowers to my mother.

A stable marriage is vitally important for a family, especially the kids. Despite the fact that quite a large number of children in China suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety and depression due to the terrible relationship between their parents, I am lucky enough to be born into my family. My parents not only maintain wonderful relationships between them but also give me so much care. I have been missing them extremely and I wish I could return home to visit them.

Talk about the first time that you had to use a foreign language to communicate

You should say:

  • what the situation was
  • where you were
  • who you communicated with
  • and explain why you used a foreign language to communicate on this occasion.

I would like to share with you a terrible experience interviewing with the United States visa officer, which was my first time talking with someone using English. It was five years ago when I went to the United States consulate in Shanghai to obtain my student visa. Wow it was so crowded and the queue was awfully long, It took me almost three hours to get the chance to be interviewed by a visa officer. She asked me about my father’s job. Well my father is a civil engineer, but at that time I was so anxious that I became lost for words. I couldn’t come up with the word “civil engineer”. Therefore, I paused there for a few seconds and answered the question in English but with the words “civil engineer” replaced by its Chinese counterparts. The visa officer laughed insanely at me and I felt so awkward.

Well, I thought over it after returning home. The conclusion I got was that this was because I hadn’t practiced English speaking with a foreigner before. It turns out that not only does the English education system in China neglects speaking, but also I am afraid of making mistakes in front of other people. Since then I have been focusing on practicing speaking and I have made significant improvement.